Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik Swedish Wallpaper

Wallpaper by Studio Lisa Bengtsson printed at Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

For me Ulricehamn is a city I 
pass on my way to my family 
on the west coast.  

Ulricehamn Wallpaper/Tapet Factory/Fabrik 

Ulricehamn was about to be another closed factory when Anna &Thomas you see below, 
took over and restarted this 
proud creative institution. 

I was invited to a wallpaper evening at Björklund&Wingquist
at Kungsholmstorg
Stockholm where I've been going to check, touch and feel materials for the past 20+ years and were you meet true knowledge about wall coverings in general and where I met Anna & Thomas from the 
Ulricehamns Wallpaper Factory. 

Below you see Anna&Thomas 
when talking about when they took over  
Ulricehamns Wallpaper Factory/Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik 

Presenting their collaboration with Ulricehamns Wallpaper Factory tonight are Långelid/von Brömssen

Hare in hiding by Von Brömssen

Below you see Emma von Brömssen 
and Daniel Långelid that together form 
Their styles and design are quite different from each other so together with their color identity they create an ecclectic unit. 

To see all of Volyme 1 of Långelid/von Brömssen 
or shop their wallpaper click HERE

A peep to the past 

A peep to the past is what Daniel Långelid called these perforated peep holes that partly show the illustrated works of Suecia antiqua et hodierna created by Erik Dahlberg in the end of the 1700´s. Through round holes you see parts of the classical work as if you were taking a peep to the past. 

Littlephant is the interior brand created by Camilla Lundsten. Above you see Camilla showing her Elle Award winning wallpaper at Björklund&Wingquist. 

The inspiration to the Aquatic wallpaper pattern you see below comes from the salty sea of the Mediterranean with the white sand and the fantastic creatures that live there. The pattern takes you on a trip from the Amalfi Coast in Italy to the French Riviera and breathes both soothing sea hues as well as elegant graphic rhythm.
Littlephant Aquatic by Camilla Lundsten

Lisa Bengtsson presenting her wallpapers at  Björklund&Wingquist. 

Lisa Bengtsson is the most colorful designer in Sweden. With her characteristic and colorful patterns she has created a unique expression that you 
don't fin anywhere else. 

Studio Lisa Bengtsson wallpaper
printed at
Ulricehamn Tapetfabrik 

Thank you Anna & Thomas, if you only know how happy 
 I am  that you keep the weels 
spinning at 

Ulricehamn Wallpaper Factory 

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