A selfi[e]sh[?] moment 

 Love leaf covered walls [scroll down and see more] and wanted to introduce myself to all of you fun loving & interior inspo interested followers since you now are over 4000 [!!!!] on Instagram,  which to me is fantastic 

 Thank you guys! 

My name is Jimmy Schönning & interiors, design & architecture is my work & biggest interest joined with the arts. My arts background in music, dance & theatre brings another vibe to my design. 

Working with european musical productions starting in Sweden that soon became multicultured work in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany following my Performing Arts studies in the US. 

Arts&music is for me an integral part of my design and what I create for my clients. After several years being the Creative Director for jimsch.se which has defined my design, beginning 2020 I will let jimsch.se only sell my design but no longer work with the company. 

At my webshop jimmyschonning.com you will find my own design as well as my curated selection of favorite design. 

Right now my 💚 is beating for a totally new TV concept that is such a natural continuation of my years working as a host for Design & DIY TV production in Sweden. 

In 2020 so much will happen and my man and I will go to work&live in Brazil that I need to tell you more about. Next week is the for business important and inspirational Formex where my design has been & will be exhibited as well as at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Feb I have so much to tell you about what is going to happen but will not make this post into a 📗 so...

THANK YOU again all of you fantastic followers
 & friends 💚🐸💚

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