At the Jordans in Brazil

Cosmos climber partly in bloom at the entrance to the garden in the lower section of Fabiola and Jose´s home. Fabiola is Marcello´s sister and Jose her husband and live on the second floor which also holds the main entrance. Mother Impi lives on the bottom floor of the souterraine house with this lovely open plan kitchen and livingroom right next to the garden.  

Marcello and I met a little over a year ago. This is the first time I have the chance to see his family. He has met mine already last April. 

My mother Marianne came to our Studio in Stockholm to exhibit her suede collection. Impi Marcello´s mother is second generation Finnish. Which makes him third generation Finnish. Marcello came to Scandinavia to find his past and therefore we met in Stockholm.
Say Hi to Impi 

 This amazing flower is from Bastao do imperador that greets you to the right as you enter. 

Right now in this region it is time for Pinhão. 

Bromelia in bloom from Fabiola´s garden. 

Check out the open plan kitchen and living room with sliding doors to the garden,  that even gives room for the family parties and easily hosts 15 people. 

There are even tools for this delicacy. 

The female Araucariá you see below a forest of where you at the end see the jurassic diva style bark this pine tree has.  

 We enjoy Fabiola´s fab cuisine for many days and this tapas type of well tasting local Pinhão that you find this time of year is the main attraction this dinner. 

 Inhame is the white root looking veggie in the  middle and the yellow veggie is a wonderful fried pumpkin. Together with the local sausage with cheese along with more than fresh sunflower sprouts from a friend of the family this is a meal to remember. The taste of  Pinhão is a unique one that I want to try again. A nutty type of strong root combo that I enjoyed immensely. 

The male Araucária is the producer of the Pinhão. There is a female and a male version. In this photo you see a male Pinhão. 

Marcellos sister Fabiola have Gurkmeja/tumeric root in her garden. I have never tasted fresh tumeric so i want to dig up some to taste.

 Check the video. If you want to read more on the magic of tumeric. Check this article in Kurera

This beauty is from the Heliconia family. 

Marcello on the bridge where you enter into the magic Kingdom over the river into the garden, home and studio of Ville Virkkilä in Penedo, Brasil. Penedo was created by men&women migrating from Finland before and after the second world war. Both the Jordan and the Virkkilä of that time helped in  shaping this part of the world into what it is today. 

The Flamboyan tree that bowes over the river that surrounds the Virkkilä home and studio in Penedo as you enter over the main entrance bridge. 

Picked from the outstanding Virkkilä garden by us are Alpinia in the coffeepot and Bromelia, Tillandsia on the sofa table. 

The stone flooring along with the hammered metal open fireplace show off the wood sculptures I assume are mostly from Ville Virkkilä. 

The majestic garden  starts right outside the veranda with the gorgeous leaves of the Anturio plant,  with a flower in blom and a blue bell type of weed looks just as lovely here in hiding as to show off the luscious leaves. 

The natural stone set in cement is a theme throughout the houses of Virkkilä home and studio, Penedo. 

There are three buildings close to each other and then one more connected by a high path running along the edge of the mountain not visible for anyone.  

We added the vases, took out furniture from under the covers and found the flowers, branches and beauty that this magic garden Kingdom has to offer.  

In the green short ceramic vase is a Rhipsalis, but the stem to the right I have no idea what it is. 
It just fit. 

If it was not for the tropical botanic knowledge of my man I would not know more than 20% of all we are experiencing in this unique universe of greens. 

The second bridge of this island type of property is where the neighbor´s dogs come to visit. 

Hibiscus-crespo/Japanese lantern

I am so humbled by the possibility to stay in the home and studio and overwhelmingly gorgeous gardens of Ville Virkkilä. 

Thank you Virve Virkkilä for making it possible and all of you amazing adventurous Finnish families that migrated to Brazil in the beginning of the 1900´s. 

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Three generations of wonderful Jordan women. From the left Mother Impi, Fabiola-sister of Marcello, Ana-Julia daughter of Fabiola. Thank you so much for a fine Birthday Party for Jose. 

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