The Bakers House by Färg Blanche

The Bakers House which is the name of the Färg Blanche exhibit during Stockholm Design Week was for me the  highlight of the week in the sense that I learned how powerful it is to Live the story not just Tell the story.  

Emma asked on FB messenger if i was  coming and I confirmed to come with Marcello the same night as mutual artist friend Daniel Nyström who will be exhibiting at Galeria La Cometa in Bogotá, Colombia where he and his partner Julia Peraltas new hometown is since 2 years.

We did not have the same tour experience as was meant by Färg Blanche with The Bakers House but we met both Fredrik&Emma and heard  about the intentions over relaxed cocktails in the evening since most of us were busy with our own participation of the Stockholm Design Week.  

The video shows the top floor part of the two stories large exhibit : 

This lighting project is my personal favorite of the Färg Blanche exhibit The Bakers House. 

See the top living room 

By showing the origin of the design from the house and inheritance that The Bakers House provide Färg Blanche excelled in Living the story NOT just Telling it. 

Thank you so much for sharing your vision Fredrik & Emma


Always lovely meeting Emmas mother artist Viviane Hedberg Perron click her link to see her her piece Suspended Time, Daniel Nyström to the left and me to the right both of us embracing the trilingual eternally positiv and inspiring artist. 

See the original floor and new design from  90° angle :

Thank you for the inspiration. 

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