What is art Maria Boström?

We reach the building that used to host the Architect school in Stockholm. As we make our way inside the large industrial room divided into two floors with the major part open with a ceiling height of over 8 meters we immediatly see the well lit art on the walls. 

As we make our way for a close up we notice this is not paintings as Maria Boström´s last exhibit. Its carpets. Maria´s paintings has been printed on carpets that are hung on the walls. All but one. 

At the bottom of this post you will experience my long time friend Rafi Sady´s live performance on the one carpet that is laid on the floor. 

We start looking for Maria. Check the videos to see our hunt for the artist. 


We have brought a opening present for Marias vernissage just wrapped with sisal string holding my 5 mini statuetts and candleholders for Jimsch

Going upstairs to see more of the exhibit and if we can find my friend, the artist Maria Boström and congratulate her on her vernissage opening. 


This is the most excited I have ever been over carpets. Maria´s way of making carpets into art or art into carpets creates a whole new category of its own. 

Follow Maria Boström on Instagram for her updated artful feed @mbosarts

Here is the artist  : 

Dancing on the one carpet laid on the floor wearing his own knit design is Rafi Sady. This combo is art  to me. See for yourself. 

What do you think?

Maria painted and had her art interpreted to carpets by the help of Moooi Stockholm and the new way of printing on textile that made Maria´s art into premium design carpets.

The painting by Maria Boström called Dancing Shiva made into carpet will be sold via Moooi Sthlm

Lastly I asked Maria what is art? 
Her answer came fast : 

Being in touch with the divine. 

Stay in touch 


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