The Jaffa Tel Aviv

The Jaffa in Tel Aviv is located by the sea within the walls of a 19th century complex that once housed Jaffa´s French Hospital and the School of the Sisterhood of St Joseph. Jaffa is the  first settlement that grew into the city of Tel Aviv and a must see when visiting Israel.

The new hotel, restaurant and spa is designed by John Pawson in collaboration with Ramy Gill
The duo transformed the original structure into a blend of modern-meets-historic, while remaining true to the original heritage and visual details. 

Since I have taken a liking to Tel Aviv over all and really would like to stay at The Jaffa on my next visit I am looking forward to checking out this gorgeous new hotel. 

At The Jaffa right next to the beach you can choose to stay in the exquisitely restored 19th-century wing, boasting lofty ceilings and arched windows. 

Or in the contemporary building embracing a more modern architectural style. 

The 120 rooms and suites of The Jaffa offer stunning views of the Mediterranean or the fantastic courtyard. 

Lofty ceilings, check!

Love that while the bones of the hotel are rooted in history, the rooms and apartments are entirely modern. 

This transformed convent,hospital and intricately designed former chapel with its stucco and stained glass windows really makes me want to go to Tel Aviv. 

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