Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum

Walking in to the wooden building created for sculptor Carl Eldh as his studio,  all I see at first is the window that breaks through the ceiling and the light that indirect falls on all of the sculptures in the room through the mullion windows in the studio drawn by Ragnar Östberg 1919.  

I love this place and first time I posted an article about this my favorite museum that, I see more as a way of true time travel deluxe, was 2014 after it had been closed for renovations for some time. There are more photos from the facade at this post and overall a lot of more shots. 

Sculptures of all sizes and shapes fills the studio and demand your attention. Some sculptures with a religious aim and some more human. All types of humans seems to have been Mr Eldh´s specialty.

After studies in Paris  with Auguste Rodin, Carl Eldh became a popular sculptor in Sweden the first half of the 20th century.  At the City Hall sculpture park he is well represented with  3 sculptures among them one of August Strindberg.

Architect Ragnar Östberg who designed City Hall in Stockholm as well as Carl Eldh´s studio invited him to his huge City Hall project. City Hall was completed at 1923 after 12 years of construction.

The garden is worth a visit as well as the interior. The house facade wood is tarred and the scent is gives on a warm day like this makes you think you are at a dockyard. 

The round chapel looking part of the building with a little statue on top is a kind of living room where Carl Eldh has hung the walls  with his friend´s art. I did not take any pictures of the interior of that room. You can see it when you get to the museum. Which I recommend that you do visit. 

Not only a north facing window but one that placed on a hill is overlooking the bay of Brunnsviken with an amazing view. 

If you like me enjoy both art and architecture then Carl Eldh´s Ateljemuseum is the place to visit in Stockholm.  You find all of the info when you click on the museum link. Enjoy. 

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