Swedish sculptors home&studio

The back of the house toward the garden. 

 Off course this studio window is north and it overlooks the sea as well. What  window!

The home&studio of Swedish sculptor Carl Eldh who created masterpieces(which you naturally see many of at his home&studio) and made himself immortal in my eyes,lived 1873-1954. 

Carl Eldh had his home&studio designed by Ragnar Östberg who also created City Hall in Stockholm which for the world in general is known for being the place where the Nobel Price award dinner takes place. 

When you visit Stockholm do not miss the chance of seeing both of my architectural favorites of Mr Östberg. Carl Eldh´s home&studio is now a museum and the exterior and interior of this amazing building is as close to a dreamhouse&studio that is possible. 

Enjoy the tour. 

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