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Sofa from Bolia.com

I have something  important to tell you : 
Size DOES matter! It always has and always will.

Here is my confession : I LOVE HUGE 

SOFAS. The bigger the better I must admit. Looking at small sofas may be nice but, you don´t want to sit in one for a long time. Italian companies like Living Divani and Baxter have had wonderful HUGE sofas for a long time that I adore and offer them at a high price not accessible for everyone.  At Bolia.com they have several sectional/modular sofas that can become as large as you like. What you see above is a small sofa called Cosima and it meassuers 112 cm x 240. That is what I call a small sofa, but normally is a large sofa. A big sofa would naturally be called ....Mr BIG 
-  like the one below here in the picture. This is the type of sofa that if you would like to make it aproximately 9 meters long,  You can! I just adore that. The sofa below in grey velvet can offcourse be chosen in many other materials. It is super comfy - yes I have tried it myself. I do not only take pictures I have to sit in a sofa to be able to recommend it. In my eyes otherwise you can not recommend a sofa. I like that this sofa is more of a classical type of shape that I would not grow tired of. Mr BIG is truly BIG. One piece of this modular sofa is 121 cm x 121 cm.

OH - almost forgot to tell you. Bolia.com has offers all year round and sell their sofas at 50%. So get their newsletter. 

Don´t you ?

All my best


MR BIG at Bolia.com

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