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The Art Garden at Louisiana

The garden at Louisiana displays art amongst the greens and not so many go around outside as inside. Love having time to myself to explore here. In spring when the huge magnolia tree is in bloom the garden is as much joy or more as the art.

Louisiana Modern Art museum is a must every year for me and has been for a very long time in my life. Now that I have been living closer to the museum and garden outside Copenhagen I have visited more regularly. To me it´s a place to inhale creativity, enjoy the garden and to appreciate a great meal with an amazing view of the sea in all seasons. Here I am served art and inspiration on a silver platter. What can be better than that? 


The art, the view. The feeling. The ocean.

An Alberto Giacometti sculpture and the view of the garden. L O V E!

Giacometti line up

Fell in love with this picture. Hans Peter Feldman painted it.

Yep. It is supposed to be upside down...Hans Peter Feldman again.

Adore! Hans P Feldman again.

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