T H I E S | plywood home

All photos by Per Magnus Persson www.pmpersson.com

The summer house filled Swedish Residence magazine is in the July issue featuring the home of architect Rolf Richard Thies and his wife Eva. 

Per Magnus Persson and I arrived at the their house among the sand dunes on the east coast of southern Sweden, and were warmly welcomed by Eva. 

We stayed for the day and photographed their house inside and out. We were not only served lunch but also wonderful conversation and company from the since long married couple that inhabited the house by the sea. 

We were to keep contact Eva and I long after the shoot and talked on the phone at least once a month. We found a friendship. 

 Residence magazine have added Rolf´s architecture to their features much due to the use of plywood in house construction, in which Mr Thies was a pioneer. 

Read the piece in the July issue by Anna Carlquist and you will understand. 

Showing you here the pictures that Residence are not showing. The outside of the house has a classic half timbered house structure but more glass/windows was added. The interior has much more of 70´s feel. Really like the type of construction beams that were Rolf Thies own design. Eva sadly died this year unexpectedly. I was supposed to come over this summer. Had planned to arrive with a fresh copy of Residence and show up unanounced. Life surprises all the time. 

Eva you are missed!

Tack Rolf Richard Thies för att vi fick komma hem till er.