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The quiet country home on the hill had a predecessor that burnt down. Magnus Runesson and Rafi Sady found their house on fire and it did not take long for it to be consumed in flames. 

Luckily they were not hurt. They were in the barn style house they had just completed right next to the well kept old gem of a country house that had been kept as a memory of Magnus childhood, growing up close by. 

After the fire, they rebuilt the house and then made some changes. I´m here to visit my friends,  have not been here at their country home for some years.  Rafi is a old friend of mine but we usually meet in Stockholm or elsewhere. Tel Aviv for example where Rafi works and lives as well. The house on the hill have first been rebuilt and then the interior work had begun.

 Magnus is an architect and Rafi is a dancer/choreographer/project leader that has worked with me for a couple of years when we were working with big interior photo shoots with photographers in Stockholm and in Spain as well. 

I will not show you more of their wonderful country home because we have decided to make a photo feature out of it (!) It´such a magical place! Love to work with projects like this and so happy to see how my friends have made this place their home in their own way. Thank you for having us over for a magic summer night at your place.


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The roofed patio connects that main house with the guest room (where I stayed) and next to it is a round lovely sauna.

The chair and the kids present just made me behave this way...

The interior has a white base but lots of color is injected by the furniture.

Not many have their own lake a small walk down the hill like this couple does.
We had dinner down by the lake with the open fire going. Even a sauna and a dip in the lake (or two)

The house reflects the surrounding nature.

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