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Blue bell rain boots.

A dinner table and an easy chair or sunbeds is always needed in summer time outdoor living and is what we all want and know to get for the balcony or any out door space. All the small areas in between where you do not know what to do with is my my mother Marianne´s speciality. If you see previous posts you will see here style of clothing shot her on Getterön where my mother and father live by the sea.  

In her garden and outdoors there are little areas all over that create small rooms for different purposes. Set and mobile still life that are enjoyed all over the small garden that my mom and dad took over and made theirs from my grandmother and grandfathers very 50´s type of garden has now my mother grown a all together different style of bohemian and easy care kind of greenery. Let her touch inspire you as it inspires me every time I come here.  


To build a bespoke seated area makes the most out of any size of out door space. 
Water in a bowl with your sea collection is a easy way to create a summery feel.

Teak wood along with hard woods, has the amazing ability to grow more beautiful with the years. Marianne uses the small suede pillow from Jimmy Schönning HEM as a seat cushion. 

To use more grout (fog) than needed creates a larger pattern and a style Marianne has always loved. The teak sun chairs are now 26 years old...so when someone says they buy thin plastic chairs because they can not afford hard wood, I often wonder...

A rosted iron bowl with water creates so much natural color and texture. Let it rust or stop it at the rusted tone you need with metal protection products you find at the paint store.

A table made from a iron stand with a irregular stone piece set against the wall.

A wreath that can be just as is, or decorated with the seasons.

This bamboo and aluminium stool along with the chairs are over 15 years old and are left outside year round. I bought them at Ikea as a present. The  concrete pot is made by Marianne. 

A chair solitaire set outside, sometimes used as a pedestal

A pond makes more change in the garden room than anything else. Marianne always loved fishes and her star sign is pisces so the fish was given in the pond.

The parasol is up, giving shade around the dinner table and creating a more intimate room feeling around the table area,  that is as enjoyed as well  in  a light summer rain. A built roof is not always the best choice. A temp roof that can be removed like a sail, parasoll or such can often be preferred in most out door spaces.

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