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It´s never the size of the garden. It´s always up to what you want and how much work you want to put in. This is 7 m x 5 m garden turned paradise.

I stopped. Had to  stand and stare. When I saw the boat shape something happened in me. Then I saw that it was set. It looks like its about to sail, but it sits there. Just genius. When you sit in the boat shaped part of the dock/jetty you feel like you are on a boat trip. 

The Gold Medal winner Sarah Eberle with her Mekong Garden at Chelsea Flower show 2016 for best Artisan Garden explains:

The Garden has been designed by Sarah Eberle is inspired by the floating gardens in the silk-weaving regions of Cambodia and the Mekong River. The 7 x 5m (23 x 16½ft) garden is entirely water with a small deck leading to a 'floating' lounger styled on a traditional fishing boat. Overhead a cantilevered parasol inspired by traditional fishing nets and silk weaving provides shade. The floating beds follow the style of the region and contain contain an eclectic mixture of fruit and vegetables such as spinach, kale, aubergine, gourds and okra, along with flowers for cutting within a waterside matrix

A net ceiling completed and framed the mini tropic garden.

A tropical water world on a small space is possible.

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