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In 2010 I was invited to come to my friends Per Magnus and Ann Persson in Thailand. I had resisted for a long time. Will tell you about that another time... 

Apart from falling in love with almost everything I saw I found the most simple of bamboo cages everywhere. The cages used for chickens I saw as lampshades.  So that´s what we did. We worked with the skilled men who knows the technique of using bamboo and make this traditional work into a lamp shade instead of a cage. Watt&veke sold the lamp sucesesssfully and we gave 10 % of the profit back to Thailand.  

We wanted our Soomkai to give back to Thailand so we decided to give from the profit to the HIV Orhpanage Dramaraksa Children Home run by Alongkot Dikkapanyo, head monk of Wa Phra Baht Nam Phu Buddhist temple. 

Extremely proud Jimmy at the tempel in Thailand after donating to the Orphanage. Photo by Per Magnus Persson.

The first prototype of my lamp called Soomkai that in Thai means Chicken cage. Photo by Per Magnus Persson 

First studio shoot with the Soomkai

Last year I saw the work of Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich from his show at The Met fith Ave in NYC. He more than anyone understands and work with bamboo. I just fell in love with his sculptures. See below part of his work and google his name for more. 
Right now I am waiting for a prototype of lamp that has been  inspired by his art that I truly appreciate. 
Below this post you also see two videos with Sopheap Pich work and an interview.  Enjoy!


Sopheap Pich

Sopheap Pich

Sopheap pich

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