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The sky lights at Bella is the high lite of the architecture...The building itself is something beyond the normal fairgrounds that you meet everywhere in the world.

This time going to the fair I´m here just to experience, to see what there is and look at what´s in the air for the coming seasons.

 Often I have a task of some kind when I come to a fair more than just looking. A job for a magazine or building a set for a company or lecturing or selling or bying for me or someone else. This time though,  I´m here just for me and that´s lovely.


A Tommaso Marinetti 1930´s inspired aproach to dining by chmara.rosinke called cocina futurista 2.0,above.  Below their competition finalist, The Timber day bed for Prix Hermès 2014  below in a large exhibit showing their work at North Modern in Copenhagen. 



North Modern is the furniture fair in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
At Bella Center, which is not far from the Copenhagen airport Kastrup, 
and 35 min drive from my home the -so called- MODERN furniture is showcased.

It has become a fair I come back to (scroll back in the blog and you´ll see) It´s not the largest furniture fair in Scandinavia (and who cares) but it´s the fair that has made the most distinct decisions regarding  style.
NORTH MODERN. In those two words you have the description. To 95% it is a showcase of scandi/modern furniture and life style in a very relaxed atmosphere. 
This year there were DJ´s playing loungy-type-of-relaxed (not at all uptempo) tones that seemed to put all the visitors in a different mood that I have ever seen on a fair. 
Far from the stressed sell-NOW type of feeling you are used to. A more creative kind of artistic sense in the air. 

I had a beautifully presented and sensationally tasting (expensive) sushi/sashimi along with a light chardonnay for lunch ( see my insta #jimmyschonninghem) and walked around looking at creations of furniture feeling like a prince. Not at all a desperate blogger at a fair. LOVELY! 
Really enjoyed it.  
THANK YOU NORTH MODERN for the atmosphere your have created.

Studio Truly Truly presenting their organic, lightning bug feel kindo of LED pendants. We are waiting for their design for Ikea coming later 2016.


New glass plant hangers from Broste Copenhagen

Room for outside the box design at North Modern. The ladder from Jonas Van Put does not come in a brown flat package for sure and I LOVE THAT.  
 Must admit that it was kind of scary to sit down at the chair after climbing all the way up. 

I like the  cradle rocker below as well, do you?

Thank you for this time North Modern. I´ll be back

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