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2016 has arrived

Christmas and celebrating New Years eve with friends and family at home in our house in Skåne.
My closest family, my mom&dad with my brother and his wife and three children came the 26 of Dec and stayed over. Love having the house full of friends and family.  Right now we have 9 guests, containing of 3 families in our Villa Hoby Mosse that arrived before New Years Eve and tonight we will be celebrating a birthday so lots of cooking and and ejoying food together as well as going for long walks with our dogs ( to be able to eat...) and games of ludo/fia.  The Stable is where most of the cooking is done and also where we hang out the most.  

This past year has contained so much and I will not bore you with the details but I´m truly thankful for all, both positive and negative. Might  sound crazy but...it´s always the solving of problems/challenges that we face that along with the easy coming positive that molds us into who we become. 
A new year is here and new beginnings possible in the best way. 

I was going through my designs after hearing Li Edelkoort lecture about 2017 interior trends and felt this deep brown wooden south african mask along with withes and black had the right cultural mix deco feeling and wanted to give you a sense of the new interior year as I see it. 

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Im not a perfectly consistent blogger(...lazy...) but will be here telling the longer stories that are important off course. Sometimes several times per week, sometimes not. 

HAPPY that YOU stopped by. 
 Wishing you a good start of 2016

Come back soon


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