J U L Y diy

B R A N C H   out

A twig on the wall can serve as a bookholder or mini book case. Adding that nature vibe. 
Also being the most inexpensive AND cool accessory with all the right Feng Shui quality. 

I found the right type of branch and used a knife to take away all of the small protruding growths to make it the way I like it. 
Not being a branch I took of a tree, but found on the ground and already dried I continued to paint it after cleaning it and letting it dry two days indoor just in case. 

Be careful when you want to drill a hole to attach it to the wall. Predrill or use a broach so that you do not crack it before it becomes the centerpiece of your wall.  Do not use hammer and nail. That will NOT turn out like you want it. 

After the two coats of paint have dried use the predrilled holes to attach the piece of beautiful hand picked tree branch and set the books in place. 


There you go. 

1 JULY DIY from me 
More to come. 

See you soon. 

/ Jimmy 

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