Tired of tents? The answer for me being I  never really enjoyed tents for more than one night... 

Is having a quality hotel room miles from the event a hassle? - This is for sure a problem when arranging events. Or how about having that wedding on the remote beach - now you can just rent : Snoozebox is the answer!
Snoozebox is a unique and innovative portable hotel providing luxury ‘on-site’ accommodation at major events and festivals across the UK and Europe.
Offering flexible configurations and room availability, Snoozebox can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within days of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. 

- I must say that this is one of the best ideas I have seen being brought to life. Clever, cool and love the design solutions. See for your self : 

4 real beds in a small space. Sleep being the operative word here.

 BATHROOMS!!! - and with style I must add.


 Who wood say no to this bed ?

 Smart, cool and design with style. 

A hotel that you move where ever you are. LOVE it!!

/ Jimmy

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