Home consultation

HOME consultation

If you need help sorting out the space under the stairs into a smart storage solution that is naturally stylish and make a minus space into a plus space or if you are looking for interior assistance on 4 floors in every room does not matter.

You need a HOME consultation.

That means I come home to you and look at your situation, your desires and interior goals.
  My experience in interior design and model for the development of the best opportunities for our cooperation with your home gives you the best possibilities to change, update or new construction if desired.

We put together a plan and then I carry it out for you entirely with my company, or you do it yourself, alternatively you hire tradesmen and have it done.

You decide what suits you best.

I'm your start engine and interior force that can make how big or how small interior consultation you need. 

Contact me with your thoughts so we get started. You get a price right away and it is you and your dreams, which determines how much we can do.

If it's just a decor question you have I'll help you easily via email, phone or skype for a cost of  500 SEK,  For everything else, please email your thoughts and interior desires I will get back asap with a price image.

Let's fill the potential your home has.

Email me at js@jimmyschonning.com

/ Jimmy 

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