Hoby Mosse Stable update

Terry wants each day to start with a good long powerwalk so do I.

Back to updating what has happened this summer at our Stable conversion in 
Hoby Mosse. 
I started telling you about the old shed that first became the stove casing that you can see here 

Using the the planks again from the old shed,  we built the doors for the cupboard/wardrobe up in the bedroom. 

Started with the two shelves and the LED lighting strip that when the doors will be closed gives a soft side light and when the doors are open sheds perfect light for you to find all you need easier. 

Leaving space underneath enough so that the vacuum fits, not creating a dust area that you can not reach. Hate those!

 The flaky uneven paint gives a door with so much life. aDOORe it!! Ha ha....

Two doors in place. 

Now all doors are but in place. Perfect! 

The slanting ceiling gives just perfect room for this kind of low cupboards. Prior to building this we could not use this space to anything really. 

Terry think it´s really boring when we spend so much time inside when it´s so lovely outside.

Yellow entered the Stable for sure in the form of chairs outside as well as the aloe vera that bloomed yellow.  

Painted the wall by the stairs primary yellow and the stairs a  camo green that works well with the cabinets/cupboards. 

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