The sacred sense of snow

When snow falls it seals the world in a pure white.

Our old windows are not used to all the heat inside. The humidity shows up in a beautiful way.

 The old stable doors are renovated. Two chairs welcome beside the entrance.

 A view of the front of the Stable with the two new LARGE pots that my mother&father brought for my birthday in Oct and that never came in place until now. They have been the object of many discussions. Made from iron and VERY heavy. Think they have found the right place. For now anyway.

Everything turnes beautiful with a layer of snow. 

 The triangular large new metal pot underneath the new out door lamps.

 The black metal outdoor lamp that is a up&down light. The walls are so beutiful in this state, but will have to be taken care of this spring.

 Thistles I found out walking put in a cement pot. Thistles are a favorite when the are dried.

When snow seals the world everything becomes beutiful and new.

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