Snow and Soomkai

Snow fell and then it rained...but we now have a feeeling that X-mas is coming.
Since this is the time of giving I remind you that our Soomkai lamp gives when you get it. 
Soon a new shipment of my handmade Soomkai will leave Thailand to come to Sweden.
It makes me so happy that so many want to buy the original of this VERY copied original.

In the shipment that arrives in Sweden in Feb is also the first sample of a new handmade ceiling lamp that I have been working on for some time. Ann Persson is the person I rely on to get it all together in Thailand with the production of the NEW sample as well as with all of the Soomkai that has been handmade under her supervision in Thailand. Watt&Veke
together with alla of the shops that have sold Soomkai so successfully have helped us contribute together with all of you wonderful people that have them in your homes to contribute to the Orhpanage outside of Lopburi, Thailand. Read about it here. 

Right now I am filming new episodes of inspiring interior programs of the  the TV show HouseRescuers that will run i spring. Together with the lovelhy Maria Celin and Jonny Ljungman and a dreamteam at Jarowskij we are now rescuing all day long full speed ahead.

The beautiful picuture of a sea Soomkais waiting to be shipped was naturally taken by Per Magnus Persson , that I now have worked with in so many different productions and for so many years that we have stoppped counting them. Our collaboration is proof that buisiness and friendship work well together.


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