From Stable to HOME

 This is the STABLE that will become our new home, seen from the westside.

 Detta är själva Stalldelen som skall bli vårt nya hem från västsidan.

This is the first view of the house you get from the road. The stable is the house on the right that you see a half part of.

Detta är vyn man ser när man kommer på vägen. Rosenbågen leder fram till huvudhuset, men det är Stallet till höger som skall bli vår bostad.


It all started some years ago when Francisco, whom I share my life and adventure with, went by the house&stable on bike and felt drawn to it. I then found it online (without knowing he knew it)  and took him to see it!
 He told me how he had seen it before and fell in love with it. 

It felt like this should be our place in the world.  We went into a bidding for the house&stable, but found it too expensive.
So we gave it up. 

We were then contacted 6 months later when the sale of the house had not gone through.
The house&stable could acutally become ours after all. 
We came to an agreement with the sellers of the house and it was ours this year in April. 

The house&stable were built at the turn of the century and noone knows for sure what year and there are no records of the house to find.I kind of like the mystery of that.

So this is the STABLE that will become our home. Are you in for some renovating ?
I am and your are invited to come along!

/ Jimmy 


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