Demoliton Day at The Stable


All walls are going down! -- The Stable was converted or ..... a try of some sort was made many years ago to make the 100 year old Stable to a home.  Walls, floors and ceilings were built inside.  Electricity was put in and a bathroom actually worked when  we took over. The only problem was that the downstairs that is about 65 sqm was made into 4 rooms+bathroom(!!!)  Extremly small rooms and NO feeling at all in my way of seeing things. So here we go tearing it all down. It should be just ONE big open plan kitchen&livingroom with one wall standing for the bathroom.

The old stove came to use and a fire was made. Francisco cooked us chicken in the oven.

Veggies prepared as well on the old fire stove.

What a meal for hardworking demolitionworkers!

The fireplace on the backside of the stove is so beautiful. But in a sence turned the wrong way. Not facing the large room but facing the windows. Just something we have to live with.

This simple light fixture is typical for when Stables got electricity. Think we will come to have more of them....

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