On the road

First day of driving we made it to Aachen in Germany after 10 hours of driving and some stops on the way to eat and also to take Terry our bordercollie for a walk. A lot of driving on fast roads and in boring weather. We stopped at to sleep at a highway hotel. The next morning aproaching France,the weather was warmer and the sun was shining when we drove by Paris.

Churches  inspire me. Stops for churches big and small is always welcome. This one in Reims, France we saw across from the park while eating lunch in the sun and taking a walk with Terry.

And then we drove and drove and drove...

We drove like mad men almost until midnight and then went to sleep in a comfy bed and woke up the next day in warm and sunny Biarritz. 

I can never have enough of the ocean. It is pure inspiration to me. When combined with a city of beauty like Biarritz it´s to love.
I look at bridges and cement walls and stairs and the blend of architechture. I could definitely live here. 

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