Homeoffice makeover


Since the kitchen was moved to the living room area we won a guest room downstairs. Therefore the upstairs bedroom could become the  home office that we needed. The bunk beds were removed and a wodden floor was added. Otherwise just paint more or less. The grey around the windows in the same tone as the floor is a added bonus. Never liked the window particularly but they were new and it would be to expensive to change all the windows. So...the  painted grey moulding made me accept them.


A wodden and metall office chair I found in a container in Varberg, of all places was perfect for the office (scroll back in time in the blog to see when I found it) It is  my ONLY container find EVER. Therefore I love it. The table is from JS HEM collection so are the pillows in the bag on the floor. I should sell those linen bags my talanted mother made for the pillows to be carried around when they are borrowed from the PR agent.

It´s very often the little things, don´t you think ?

All AFTER pics by www.permagnuspersson.com

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