The art of giving

The art of giving

These words are from Barbara O´Brian.
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Giving is essential to Buddhism. Giving includes charity, or giving material help to people in want. It also includes giving spiritual guidance to those who seek it and loving kindness to all who need it. 

However, one's motivation for giving to others is at least as important as what is given.What is right or wrong motivation? 

The Anguttara Nikaya, a collection of texts in the Vinaya-pitaka section of the Pali Canon, lists a number of motivations for practicing charity. 

These include being shamed or intimidated into giving; giving to receive a favor; giving to feel good about yourself. 
These are impure motivations.

The Buddha taught that when we give to others, we give without expectation of reward. We give without attaching to either the gift or the recipient. We practice giving to release greed and self-clinging. 

All of the Buddha´s and masters I have photographed around the Temple close to Lopburi on sunday the second of December.

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