The Buddhist temple

We had breakfast at 06 in Bangkok and Ann drove me and Per Magnus to Lopburi, where we are meeting Alongkot Dikkapanyo, head monk of Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu Buddhist temple the founder of the Orhanage for HIV positive children that we will to give the profit from the Soomkai lamp to.

This is my first take on what happened today. The first fast one, to give you all an idea what happened today.  
Tomorrow I can give you Photographer Per Magnus take on it picturewise and more from me on what happened in words

We met with the monk with a group indoors with other waiting people who also wanted to donate to his charities and when we were done everyone wanted to take pictures. Per Magnus also took some pictures of it all and I shot one of his back...

We walked up this staircase and found a temple with a view. 


This is the Buddha statue at the top of the first stairs

A new staircase...

That led up to this amazing, very big white Buddha statue on top. 

I will continue the story tomorrow and tell you about when we got to meet the children at the orhanage. 

I am so thankful of everyone helping by buying a Soomkai lamp to their home and in this way contributing to making it possible to help the Orhanage outside Lopburi, Thailand.  

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