What a birthday!

B DAY cake still in bed the 3:d of October! The mugs with the right number come in handy for the coffey. GREAT IDEA.
Never seen this before. Thank you Francisco!

My birthday yeasterday the 3:d of October when I became the number written on the mugs started with cake in bed. After that we had breakfast by the lake 

Terry the best border collie with 12 % collie, who is the cutest dog in the world was my B Day gift. He thought the ducks in the lake was V E R Y interesting. 
Thank you Francisco! 

All around Lake Oden nature is amazing. Will probably frame this moss picture. Love moss!

After a wonderful lunch that Francisco cooked  we took the ferry to the island of VEN. 

When will I be able to build a house like this? Want to live in a house with a thatched roof. The Tycho Brahe museum at VEN is definitely worth a visit! Me myself I can be content just sitting outside and enjoy the view of the house from the cafe across. 

Found this great arrangement outside Turistgården. 

Love the color of blue clam shells. Just collect them and put them in plant pots or in a vase. Ven´s beach was full of them this time of year. 

We took the ferry back and went home and cooked dinner - we had gratinated clams as a starter and a crab pasta for main course. Terry enjoyed his puppy food. What a great day!!! 45 red roses is an amazingly beautiful bunch of flowers! THANK YOU FRANCISCO!


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Anonym sa...

Stort grattis!! Inga dåliga presenter. Han verkar vara ett riktigt kap Fransisco, grattis igen ;-). Underbart med hundvalp, har en liten 12 veckors spanielblandning hos mig nu! Härligt men jobbigt.

Kram Susanne