Small and smart

In a apartment that would make any interiorista overwhelmed by the clever solutions in the compact living department,  Electroux smartly exhibited their smallest and most quiet vacuum cleaner ever. 
The small Ultra one mini was originally made for the Japanese market and has now in a color scheme adapted to the European market landed here in this small and smart livingspace styled by Alexandra Ogonowski.

Arrived at Snickarbacken 5, which is a very quaint street in Stockholm with a staircase dividing the street levels.  
The apt where the pressmeeting for the vacuum cleaner was sold for over 100 000 skr/sqm recently by Eklund Stockholm New York but does not meassure over 23 sqm.

When you visit Snickarbacken - have a coffey or lunch or such at Kaffeverket. LOVELY!!

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me and alice sa...

Ja snickarbacken är verkligen helt underbart!!
Ha en fin vecka!
kram Susanne