Fashionweek Stockholm

Stockholm fashionweek exhibit almost as much furniture and design as it does clothes and at PR agent Studio St Paul I will design an exhibition mainly for the press. Paolo Roberto who is holding his own pasta in the picture will boss in the kitchen and show his food and kitchen line and I will design the whole space that showcases many different brands like Slettwoll, Watt&veke (that sell my Soomkai lamp), Geneva (the most handsome soundsystem in the world)  and Anna O along with my own home collection to mention a few.

I will meet and great in the livingroom, which first has to be created though.... Tuesday the 22nd of may, next week, the exhibit has to be done. 

Follow me here for a designrace... Se what will become of Studio St Paul. 
Will update you every day. 
See ya soon :)

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