Bathroom bliss

Photo shot by Per Magnus Persson

Some of the favorite things I have at home are created over time. 

The metal stand shelf that holds the sink in the bathroom was from the beginning just a metalstand, that my grandpa welded for me many years ago after my very simple drawing.

I gave it the granit top with help from my mom and then it was upgraded with the white casette type shelving years later. 

The door was added to the shelf and that has now been decorated with the smallest piece of wallpaper from Jimmy Schönning HEM Patina collection ever printed. Love the Muuto black knob/hook.Yep.... the grey door with the spray painted heart is wallpaper made from the photos of Jessika Jarl. The granite top was this year crowned with a white porcelain sink and a Tapwell fosset.

Love when my ideas turn into design that changes into becoming new  unexpected pieces of furniture over time.This one started as a simple sideboard and turned out to be a bathroom bliss.

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