In bed with QX

Swedish mag QX came to my house for an interview and and photoshoot. Happy we landed the best shots in my bed. I think it is my favorite piece of furniture.Made from the worn out shed in the garden. The old planks came to good use.

Offcourse you also see Jimmy Schönning HEM suede pillows(the grey ones with the number 1 stiched)
and my favorite teddy from H&M Home in black.

Thank you Peter Knutson for taking a picture I like and Pär Jonasson
for the largest personal ad ever made. Or ?
I probably need it :)

The floor lamp (comes in from the right side) is a Tolomeo from Italien fab ligthing company Artemide wich has been my in my possession for over 12 years and that I NEVER tire of.

Im off to my family on the west coast of Sweden, Varberg, this weekend to celebrate my B DAY with a feast of seafood. My all time favorite food!

With this I bid you a very good weekend.
Don´t be stranger - stop by soon again :)


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Jimmy Whoo sa...

I hope you do find mr right! Don't even think about selling your house, it's to gorgeous for that...