Outdoor lighting

The black lantern outdoor lighting has been sitting on the ground or on the table for a long time but now they are finally in place. Wanted them to hang on the wall, but also be mobile so you can move them around when you feel like sitting somewhere new a beautiful night in August listning to the song of the crickets.

Brackets hold the lanterns in place, but they can be removed if needed.

The light at night is so amazing, due to the wonderful shadows made by the lantern. Almost could not go to sleep last night after both lanterns were mounted. Just wanted to stay up and enjoy the night lit by my new outdoor lanterns and listen to the song of the crickets.

Had no idea that crickets got this huge...

These old romantic chairs clash so well with my other outdoor furniture.
Missmatching is a must.

The second lantern is right by the guestroom door. Monted slightly higher than the one in front.
Happy I decided to put the electrictity outlets where I did. Can you see them about the highest bracket ? The are black so they dissapear in a nice way.

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Anonym sa...

Underbar utomhusbelysning! Och kycklingburen som jag först ställde mig tveksam till blev ju riktigt snygg!

Härlig inspiration, tack för det ;)
Men gick det med belysningen i trappan?


Jimmy Schönning HEM sa...

Glad att se dig här :)
Lagt ner trappbelysningen då det blev för dyrt. Vill men har varit tvungen att lägga pengar på annat. Kommer ta tag i det när jag har möjlighet enkonomiskt.

Petra sa...

åå stolen är underbar;) /Petra

Steve Berke sa...

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I'll come back for more :)

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