Front veranda is getting ready

Apple branches
Erik brought this bench made from old loghouses. You can see how the wood has aged. Just beautiful. Think we have to make low, sofa-ish and low beds from this material and offcourse big tables !! Would you like one ? I sure would.

The simple way to make a plastic pot look good.

The black outdoor lamps are in place and has electricity but need to be hanged. When all of the lighting turns on at 22 ( 10 pm ) its so nice. To have the house welcome you with the lights on and a big smile when you arrive is wonderful.
Apple branches is the mantra of the week ( and hopefully more...)
This is the table that we will show for the first time at Formex Fair. Sad that I have to be without it. Have grown completely attached to it.

The bench where I sit every morning holds my old lovable cushions.
My demiJohn´s are my favorite outdoor vase. The apple branches are now perfect size to fit them. Decorating with what the garden gives such pleasure, because I can not make applepie from all of them the apples - they are sooooo many. You can not use all the fruit because the garden is overflowing so decorating with fruit branches is my new thing. Next are the pears.

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Charlotte Bladh sa...

Jätefint! Kommer att gå bra på Formex!

Jimmy Schönning HEM sa...

From your mouth to god´s ear ;)
Glad att du säger det.

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