3 key to Circular Interiors

The third key [out of 6] to Circular Interior Design is Sustainability | Hållbarhet in my lecture | fördrag  INRED CIRKULÄRT | Circular Interior design. 

Since the most ecological product is the one not made we are now aware of sustainability in the world.

 We need to use the understanding of how to create circular interior design and throw less that end up as landfill material. 

Life cycle Assessment or LCA meassure the impact a product has on our enviroment and can be a helpful instrument #lifecycleassessment 

FSC labels can be found on millions of products around the world – from toilet rolls to your favourite book, to that milk carton in your fridge, and other food products. What does the label mean? Simply put: by choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests @fsc_international 

Key nr 3 Sustainability | Hållbarhet In my lecture | föredrag we look at all 6 keys to Circular Interior design. 

This is a short post on a 3 hour lecture to awaken the understanding for Circular Interiors | INRED CIRKULÄRT. 

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