NOSSA BOSSA premiere weekend 29-30 Janeiro JAZZ Village

 In this totally new show called Nossa Bossa that is my own idea I am singing the music that I grew up with and came to love by Lill Lindfors the Finnish Swedish artist that recorded Bossa Nova songs in Swedish like Fri som en vind called Canta de Ossanha written by Vinicius Moraes and Baden Powel recorded by Lill Lindfors in Swedish text by Torbjörn Lindroth already 1967, 

the year I was born. 

The black and white images of Lill Lindfors are from the movie Calle P 

from 1965 with Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt cut to a mini film by Nostalgoteketpunktse. 

Maj Lillemor "Lill" Lindfors, born 12 maj 1940 i Helsingfors, 

Finland, is born in Helsinki, 

Finland but lived and worked mostly in 

Sweden as a singer, comedienne och actress.

The 19th of October  in Lapa, Rio De Janeiro 2020 Sanny Alves, Marlon Mouzer and I recorded a new version of Canta de Ossanha with both Português  & Swedish text on the birthday of  Vinicius Moraes in the city he lived to his memory. 


In the show we perform music of Vinicius Moraes, 

Baden Powel and Antonios Carlos Jobim as well as Monicas vals in Swedish created by Bill Evans Trio in the 60s 

for Monica Zetterlund

a Swedish Jazz legend and many more... 

Lill Lindfors now 80 years old anounced this past 

weekend on Swedish TV SVT TV talk show that she 

will celebrate 60 years as an artist and will tour


Nossa Bossa is Bossa Nova and Jazz in Portugues, 

Swedish and english perfomred live at 

Jazz Village Penedo

the 29 and 30th of January. 


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