The Place, Penedo

To enter you need to cross the bridge.

There are three buildings. 
The smallest is 2x2m room. The largest has 4 bedrooms, 
two bathrooms and two kitchens. 

I love this butch type of outdoor cement kitchen.
This will be our salon. You enter from the garden direct into this large room where you will find a open plan kitchen and living room and a staircase leading up to the higher level of the house.  

Apart from the beautiful stoned wall.

This is about the same 
type of roofed room like our 
coming salon living room/kitchen before we find the right 
windows and glass doors
 to frame it with...

Reminding you of where you are. 
From the sealevel in the city of Rio De Janeiro the green mountains  start from the sand on the beach and reach around 1000 meters above sea level when they reach Penedo, which is where we are at. 

I have fallen for this property

Let's see if it is going 
to work out between us. 

Stay in touch 
and have a good weekend!


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