Closing of Straw in interiors 2019

An empty exhibit with only the Straw/HALM sign left on the wall. 

Halm i inredning 2019/
Straw in interiors 2019 
closed last week after 3 months exhibit at Halmens Hus

The workshop based exhibit started with a artisanal meet in March 2019 and resulted in the exhibit that opened the first week of June. 

Se more of the very well visited exhibit Straw in interiors 2019  from my blogpost from June.  

We have now demounted the exhibit and want to thank all of the visitors and Halmens Hus for making it all possible. 

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Maria&Sofia from Halmens Hus
and Jimmy that curated Halm i inredning 2019. See more on instagram #halmiinredning2019

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