Virgil Abloh c/o VITRA 2019-2035

Not first to tell this story but I do it all in my own time.
Did you see the Vitra exhibit that Virgil Abloh did in June 2019? 

June 12th at the Fire Station at the Vitra Campus this year 
Virgil Abloh artist, architect and designer created a personal exhibit of a fictitious teenager from the year 2019 following him/her/hen (never heard of hen? Check the Swedish language latest word additions)  
into the year 2035.  

Mr Cool Entrepreneur himself: Virgil Abloh. As the first American of African descent to be namned artistic director at a French luxury fashion house he is the epitome of entrepreneurship to me. 

Personally I heard  about Virgil Abloh 
the first time when he became the 
Artistic Director of Luis Vuitton´s mens wear 
in March 2018. 

Abloh is born 30 September 1980 (so he will be 40 next year)  and is a trained architect, entrepreneur, artist and DJ and entered the International fashion world with an internship at Fendi in 2009 alongside rapper Kanye West

The two creative colleagues&friends began 
an artistic collaboration that would 
launch Abloh´s career into founding the 
Milan based fashion house 
Off-White in 2013. 

Abloh´s Vitra exhibit 

Abloh uses the two sections 'Past/Present' and 'Tomorrow' to focus on the interaction between people and their home environment as they move from adolescence to adulthood. 

How might the evolution of technology and changes in society affect our homes? 

Together with the Ceramic Blocks, which can be seen as the symbolic cornerstones of the installation, both Prouvé designs will be launched in a small limited edition as exhibition spin-offs.

To what extent does our environment influence our life path, our tastes and the decisions we make over time?

Virgil Abloh furnished the installation with diverse furniture and objects, including pieces by 
Charles and Ray Eames, 
Eero Aarnio or 
Jean Prouvé 
– some in their original form, 
others creatively altered. 

Fascinated by the designs of Jean Prouvé, he had a particular interest in exploring the Frenchman's work: 

(Abloh)  - I loved the idea of introducing some Prouvé classics to a generation today that might not know the importance of his work. 

Abloh reinterpreted the Antony armchair and Petite Potence wall lamp in the context of TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE.

Virgil Abloh does VITRA

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