Studio Pompone designs sexy blackened metal kitchen

Studio Pompone & Himle kök 

Richard Bornefors teaches us more about how to use the Gaggenau steam oven in the walnut Himle kök kitchen and serves his tasty finger food  

Arrive at my birth town of Varberg after a quick train ride from Stockholm via Göteborg. Drop my bags off at the elegant Varbergs Stadshotell and get picked up an driven to Himle Kök showroom and workshop in shiny elegant Mercedes-Benz provided by Hedin bil cars along with a group of local architects, interior designers and influencers after a glas of bubbly at super cosy favorite Varberg restaurant John´s Place on the beach. 

We look at the bespoke kitchen production line and get treated to wine and fine finger food. 

Kitchens here are built in good sustainable materials and are made to last. Just look below how these drawers are made. On the production floor there is a load of Douglas fir from Dinesen that is waiting to be turned into a kitchen. You can design your own kitchen in the material of your choice and have www.himlekok.se build it.  

We get into the cars for a short ride and arrive at Studio Pompone where we are treated to a introduction of artist Märta-Louise Karlsson´s way of working in her material of choice : glass. 

The entrance at Studio Pompone in full bloom. 

Glass by Märta-Louise Karlsson at Studio Pompone

Presenting their mutual design kitchen is Jennie Ullman/Himle kök and Lucas Morten/Studio Pompone. The dark wood and metal cabinets combined with linseed burned hot rolled metal sheet back splash is a unique modern approach use of traditional handicraft that I appreciate fully. Designed and sold at Studio Pompone. 

The metal worktop and backsplash makes this kitchen stand out. 

After the viewing of this in my eyes the sexiest Swedish kitchen I have ever seen we are all invited to a tasty BBQ dinner we can see being grilled right outside, served with lovey wines and  seated at specially made up tables set with Studio Pompones finest table ware. 

DJ is the youngest son of the Morten family that run Studio Pompone that makes Varberg a more stylish place to live in. 

We say our thanks and bow to Himle kök & Studio Pompone and are driven back to the hotel after a full evening of kitchen,  design, food and wine.  

I meet up with my hubby Marcello who comes in with the late train from Stockholm and we crash in the great big queen size bed after a bath in the gorgeous metal bath tub. 

What is better than a warm bath and and a bed at midnight? Thank you for a fantastic design filled day Varberg. 

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