Meeting Jamie Oliver

Everyone wanted a shot of Jamie Oliver at Eurocucina at Milano Salone del Mobile  

Salone del Mobile and Jamie Oliver in action. It was 20 years ago the Naked Chef took off and Jamie is proving his pure professionalism during a live cook out at the Kitchen Aid release party. 

Showing off in the best way how he has perfected his communication of cooking in front of the camera and his passion for Italian food. 

Where better to show that then in Italy during the world renowned Eurocucina in Milan. 

In the videos I shot of the live cook out where Jamie makes seafood linguine he also shares his own home chef secrets of how you can be a master in your kitchen the Jamie Oliver way. Here we go! 

 A seafood linguini prop set up before Jamie starts. 

The Kitchen Aid induction stove lets you set your pot anywhere on the glass surface. The sensors providing it with the amount of heat you have chosen. Naturally there is a gas stove versions if you prefer and the stainless steel kitchen island is a bespoke assortment where you can have the oven of your own meassurements. 

There is a black new stainless steel kitchen hardware that I just fell in love with, that you see here. 

Just think of what you could cook on the 38 cm induction wok hob as part of your kitchen. I can surely see myself woking away here. 

Jamies secret to using all of the food we buy and not throwing away as much as we do now is keeping a food, vegetable and fruit archive in the freezer. 
To store as clever and small as possible his tip is to use ziplock bags of the kind that can be washed and reused. 
Kept in a larger container you can have an archive of everything from leftover parsley to tomato sauce ready to just heat up from a bag in your freezer (instead of buying one that does not taste anything) 

 Cooking for that stressful meal when  everyone is waiting is made much easier when half of the meal is done and waiting in the freezer to be heated up along with the seafood and pasta that just takes 10-15 min and then you have a seafood linguini just like Jamie in 15 min. 

The interest at Salone del Mobile for Jamies cooking during Eurocucina was enormous. We were invited to stay right next to the live broadcast and it was magical to see the pro in action. 

Look at  Jamie when he is done with his "home" version of his fast food linguini. 

I must say it was such a pleasure seeing and meeting Jamie IRL. Great to taste his food cooked under this media pressure and find out it tastes just wonderful.

So impressed with what Jamie Oliver has done in the past 20 years and happy to see that he is not settling down, but taking on new adventures and sharing his knowledge and joy for cooking and eating with us.

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