A M E R I C A N | ceramist in copenhagen

The boutique is in two floors and this if the second floor.
American Eric Landon came to Copenhagen to complete his design studies. He stayed in Denmark and developed his own company Tortus where he creates ceramics.

His studio and boutique is in Copenhagen and my first contact with his way of pottery making was through Instagram. 

Never have pottery making been so sensual. Well, maybe in the movie Ghost ( google :movie ghost pottery scene, if you don´t remember) 

 Eric Landon shows the way he makes pottery. The making of pottery, when you know what you are doing is an art form. 

The vases, pots and jars are wonderful designed products, but the making of the pottery is something to see. The clay that is formed, following the experienced hands and fingers that command the clay to become an unknown shape is so refreshing to watch. 

Knowledge and craftsmanship. You just have to see it yourself. You find handsome Eric Landon and his creations being made in front of your eyes at Instagram account #tortus_copenhagen. 
I just showed up in the Tortus boutique and was shown around by Eric and forgot completely to take pictures of his studio and him. But  you can see him and his studio on Instagram. I did remember to take shot of the boutique and some more. 


The boutique is in the front house and the studio in the backyard. See the colors of the exterior of the house and then see the choices of colors of the interiors. See how they match? 

Tortus ceramics on the table. Nothing is left "undesigned" off course. Love the color on the door and wall!

Shapes of Tortus Copenhagen

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