La vie en rose my way

Miss P in her spot before the blooming commences.

A toast to the first rose bloom is in place.

Caged beauty.

Roses ARE red

Where I live in Southern Sweden it feels like fall is around the corner, but for many summer is in full swing still.  

Last summer I tried to use different types of techniques to help my rose expand but not take over the front terrace and looked for many type of ready made products to let the rose grow with support but show off well. 

For me the best result and the look I really go for was the cheapest solution. 

A reinforcement mesh bent into place and attached well gave the rose bush all the support it needed and provided the perfect look to fit the Stable.

Next time instead of going out to get something that will not fit perfectly and cost more than it needs to, If you have roses like me that grow out of proportion in that wonderful way we all love or any other plant that needs some guidance, just use reinforcement mesh. 

Used otherwise for cement solutions of all kinds they are already used as well as noticeboards just like we have in our workshop at Husräddarna, Tv3 Sweden and which new season starts the 21st of Sept at 21.00 

See you soon


Clip Notice board made from reinforcement mesh.

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