The time has come for the old kitchen that the former owner of this house built in our over a century old house. You really can not see that this house was probably built  year 1907/09 when looking at this kitchen. When we moved in, soon three years ago,the kitchen was not what made us decide for the house if you know what I mean.

We actually  fell head over heals in love with the old Stable (the building justapose from the "kitchen house")  that we since have converted in to our home. The house that this kitchen is in we have rented out and now finally this plastic carpet can go to see it´s maker (!!)
Really can not think of a material I detest more to reside in a home of mine.

So we tore everyting out. Decided on the type of tile and this way of placing them with a 50 % cross over. We are not buying any cabinets with paper thin quality to go here. This is going to be a country kitchen with a updated version of a turn of the century style. We are building it from scratch. For your information that does not have to cost more....
Just needs more time for planning than getting one online and a carpenter that knows his profession.


This is what the kitchen partly looked like when it moved from indoors to outside.
Thrown out I believe is the right wording.

So this is our country kitchen we were so slow and lazy putting in. We kept what was good which was the tap and the dishwasher.
Then we made the new country kitchen from scratch.  There are no wall hung cupboards instead a open shelf and we choose to put in the green metal cupboard to have all kitchen storage apart from what can fit in the doors on the bottom that got the biggest hinges in history both as decoration and a choice to land as far away from modern type sleek kitchens as possible.

Love easy access of  hanging tools and all you need on a everyday basis ( like a calebas...)

We rent out this house year round and all comforts are off course needed.

The chess theme took over the the worktop made out of mosaics. We are talking personal. No one else will have this type of madness in their kitchen. LOVE IT!

We actually started the whole update of the house by tearing down the wall between the livingroom and the kitchen. What I have loved in this house we now call Villa Hoby Mosse is the open fireplace. It is truly the center of the house and can bee seen from both sides and is the most efficient fireplace when it comes to heating. If you are interested in renting Villa Hoby Mosse you can do so at : 




Bordercollie joy

When I say lazy kitchen make over I mean that we moved in to this dream house over two years ago and we have not done anyting with a kitchen that we for the first year more or less lived in. We renovated and worked and lived and did not want to rush it. Wanted time to enjoy with the dogs on walks in the surrounding nature and go on vacations ( below pic ). Renovating in general and interiors should be fun and creative. 

Nothing else.

My family

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