Seasons door greetings

Making the entrance have the right December feeling makes coming home even better.

M O S S  -  I find it if I just walk out the door. Love it.


A seasons greetings welcome. Entering the house starts outside before you reach the entrance so I want it to say 
W E L C O M E to us in Hoby MOSSE

Elder tree branches have a certain way of growing and they are my favorites. Put in a clear demijohn. We use the french word in Swedish for demijohn which is damejeanne.

Those of you who saw HR where I made this garland of sticks made from spruce and pine. I use the same kind here here to decorate my mini tree. Here is a link to the TV program

Use what you love. I love the sea and sea stars look really Christmas like in my eyes.  This kind anyway.

Blue spruce is my preferred greenery when it comes to a wreath. I did not make this. I bought it and hung it on my stable door that stays open at all times.

Oat sheaf for the birds ( and because they are so beautiful ) A lantern to light at night. A red basked became a hat for a tree...Hmm... I know...Like it this far.

Will go out and find some moss to decorate with.

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