Christmas in Copenhagen


   I think this is a very attractive way of surprising on the first of December. Would love to have a wall full of possibilities like this. The wall pockets and the calender idea is from Danish company Normann Copenhagen. Just an amazing storage wall AND a present calander PRE Christmas. 
Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen!


 The large wonderful Christmas candle is from Normann Copenhagen as well. The pink hue was very refreshing at this time of year. Don´t you think ?(pink)

I took the picture when the Christmas lighs wer unveiled.

Being my closest capital, me and my Hubby went to Copenhagen.
 Copenhagen in Christmas glory at the D´Angleterrre hotel when the lights were lit on friday when we visited was a sight to see, but the whole city sparkles.

Elle Decoration UK writes in the December issue that Copenhagen is the perfect spot to visit for Christmas if you want the right Christmas feeling. I certainly agree!

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