Natures beauty

I was searching for paintings or pictures with only nature scenery with the flora that surrounds us and could not find what I wanted so I made two series out of my own photos. 

1 with a yellow and blue theme and one with a  very flowery and pink/white/green, all totally square.  

The idea being that you can hang three pictures together and they match without being über matched. 

Wanted color. So tired everything being so faded and white or black. 

Do not misunderstand, I love white and black, but with such decor as pictures or paintings I do enjoy a possibility of color.  

I then had so many Q wondering if I would sell them so I wondered,  is this something for you? 
Would you like to get these for you?

The biggest is 100 cmx100 cm and the smallest have a rustic wood frame that doubles as a shelf.

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