Here is what has happened this summer at the Stable.

The planks that are the walls (were the walls...)  of the shed has a flaky paint that I just adore. When examined properly and taken down so that we could check that the wood was in good shape we noticed that most of them were in mint condition, it was just the layer of paint that was so flaky and wonderful. So our shed will come in very good use. First up is the cover for the oven.

 This is one of the doors that we removed from the shed. It will not go to waste. 
Please tell me if you have a good idea of what we can do with it!

 Here are the planks laid out after being taken down as gently as possible. All nails are removed . Now its time to hose them down and wash real well with a natural soft soap 
(Sweden has Grumme tvättsåpa )

Now this is ART to me.  - But ...it actually was the backside of the hatch in the shed. 
Love finds like this!

Since the oven sits on our worktop it has been needing a cover to look good and to have a finnish. 

So this is the first thing we did with the planks from the shed. Next up is doors for the cupboards in the bedroom. 

A cool lemonade in the summer heat we had. 
Here you really see the look of the flaky paint finish I love.

Welcome back to the blog after this summer vacation. Hope you had a good time. I did! So much have happened!! Going to tell you all!

Getting you back on track slowly on what has happened at the Stable and then we will move on off course. If you are a Instagramer ´ you  can connect with me there as well on #jimmyschonninghem -- sorry for being so slow with going with the flow of Instagram. 


/ Jimmy

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